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Even the best medical insurance doesn’t cover everything. That’s why UnitedHealthcare offers a full line of supplemental insurance, also called ancillary insurance, to help you deal with those unexpected events that concern you the most.

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Pays you cash for a qualifying illness.2 When you face critical health concerns like cancer, heart attacks, or stroke, you can use that cash to reduce your worries and help cover your health insurance deductible or the everyday expenses that can pile up during a time of lost income. Learn More

Provides a fixed payment per day for hospital stays to help cover those everyday expenses that don’t stop even when you are forced to. Benefits are paid directly to you to use on what you need. Learn More

Pays for covered expenses4 like burns, concussions, fractures and more that result from qualifying accidental injuries. Even if you have health insurance, adding accident insurance can help keep unexpected bills from busting your budget. Learn More

Helps those closest to you in case of your death. Your beneficiary would receive a lump sum payment, and you would ensure you’re leaving behind some financial security for those you love. Learn More

With these supplemental insurance products and others like Disability insurance1 and Travel insurance, we can help you build a personal coverage package that works for your life and your situation.

Looking for Affordable Supplemental Insurance?

Our ancillary insurance plans have options you can choose to help your choices fit your budget. With different deductibles, benefit options and benefit maximums available, we can help you strike the right balance between coverage and cost.