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A Minor Investment May Save You from a Major Expense

Would you know what to do if you got sick in another country? How would you find a qualified doctor or hospital? And, what about asking for help in another language? Travel medical insurance offered through MEDEX, a UnitedHealthcare Global company,  may make a big difference in helping you feel secure when you’re traveling abroad.

Understand the Advantages of International Travel Medical Insurance

  • Travel medical insurance links you with the UnitedHealthcare Global Emergency Response Center to help you find a pre-screened quality medical provider.
  • Typically, you would have to pay up front at the time of service in another country. Travel medical insurance is designed to help with these costs at the time of service.
  • You can get help arranging the best method of transport for your condition as well as help making travel arrangements for your family.
  • From a lost or stolen passport to facilitating an emergency funds transfer to a referral if you need legal help, the UnitedHealthcare Global Emergency Response Center can assist you.

International Travel Medical Insurance