Because Safe Driving is NO Accident!

Jul 18, 2020 | Insurance | 0 comments

Take Your Discounted Defensive Driver Course Now!

Ready to Save Some Money AND Improve Driver Safety?

Peck Insurance Agency has partnered with Defensive Driver Academy to provide you with the most modern, up to date and engaging online defensive driving course available – at the BEST PRICE!

This course normally costs $29.99 per student but we are providing you with a $15.00 DISCOUNT off the course price – you only pay $14.99 per course registered.

Your safety is important to us and we also want you to save money with the Defensive Driver Discount available on your automobile insurance policy! Register for your course now!

  • This Course is ONLY $14.99!
  • Earn a Great Discount, Save $$$!
  • Savings Will Last for Years!
  • Learn Better Driving Habits
  • Improve Your Driver Skills
  • Boost Your Driving Safety


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